Incubation programme

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Programa de incubación

Incubation programme


Access IAT Bioasis Gran Canaria’s Incubation Programme, where you can find the ideal conditions and scientific and technical support to launch your project in the field of Blue Biotechnology and Aquaculture


The programme is structured through specialised services in the field of Blue Biotechnology and Aquaculture with the objective of enabling participating companies to meet their needs for advice in the various phases of the life of the project. The services and incentives offered are divided into the following blocks:

  • Scientific and technical viability
  • Legal and regulatory viability
  • Economic and financial viability

Target applicants

Applicants and potential beneficiaries of the IAT programme may be entrepreneurs, groups of entrepreneurs, business projects or micro-, small or medium-sized enterprises concerned with creating products and/or services related to blue biotechnology and aquaculture, in the various phases of the production process.

Blue Biotechnology


Those interested in participating in the incubation programmes must fulfil the following requirements:


  • Applicants must be entrepreneurs or micro-, small or medium-sized enterprises as defined by the EU
  • They must be connected with the eligible fields in the “Target applicants” section
  • Their project must have potential for and/or interest in being implemented wholly or partially in Gran Canaria.

Submission of applications

The Incubation Programme has been designed as a specific instrument of the High-Tech Incubator, accessible all year round in an open-ended application process for users that fulfil the requirements laid down in the eligibility criteria.

Admission to the Programme will lead to an Incubation Pre-Agreement setting out the conditions and the road map, including the schedule of proposed actions. The official languages will be Spanish and English.


Speed up your project in the experimental spaces available for incubation and growth.


Work with top-flight research organisations through our catalogue of highly specialised services.


Access our support in looking for spaces to develop your project.

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