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Favourable framework

Road map


At BIOASIS Gran Canaria, we support you from the outset in deciding on the most efficient road map to reach your objectives, adapting case by case to the particular features of each project.

Marine aquaculture

Acuicultura marinaAs many as 10 zones of interest for aquaculture have been identified in Gran Canaria, located in the sea along the entire coastline.

The aquaculture concession procedure for situating a farm in the sea (Marine-Maritime Public Domain) requires a public tender exercise, as laid down in the Canary Islands Fisheries Law.

The requirements that must be fulfilled by aquaculture farms in the sea are specified in the Canary Islands Aquaculture Development Plan (PROAC).

Land-based aquaculture

Áreas experimentales

Gran Canaria has certain categories of land compatible with aquaculture in its Island Development Plan. Several municipalities already favour aquacultural use in their General Development Plans and others are in the process of adapting.

Land-based aquaculture production requires a sectoral cultivation licence issued by the Canary Islands Government’s Directorate General of Fisheries, as laid down in the Canary Islands Fisheries Law.

The difficulty of identifying the ideal location will depend on land ownership and ease of access to the necessary infrastructure for seawater supply and effluent management.

Experimental areas

Áreas experimentales

BIOASIS Gran Canaria is working on creating experimental and production areas specially designed for aquaculture activity. These areas are being located in various parts of the island in collaboration with a range of public bodies

List of Species of Interest for Aquaculture in the Canary Islands

Listado de Especies de Interés para la Acuicultura en Canarias

The Canary Islands Aquaculture Development Plan (PROAC) establishes the List of Species of Interest for Aquaculture in the Canary Islands, distinguishing their type of cultivation (marine or land-based) and their origin (native or exotic).

The List is decisive when it comes to establishing the conditions of the aquaculture licence.

It is a flexible and adaptable document, allowing new species to be included through an application procedure, with sufficient supporting information, as laid down in PROAC.

Other sectoral licences

Otras autorizaciones sectoriales

Depending on the needs of the project there are certain sectoral licences that should be borne in mind, such as land-sea dumping permits for land-based facilities and other licences that are important to consider for the project to be viable.

We have a network of experts with extensive experience in the sector who can provide support during the implementation process. There are also local engineering companies of recognised standing with capabilities in various matters related to aquaculture activity and the process of obtaining licences.

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